BLOCK71 Yogyakarta July Event Recap

In the month of July, we are pleased to have hosted 4 additional events in the order of the Blockchain Meetup Event, Apple Developer Roadshow X Binus, Qwords Wordpress workshop and NOC $100 pitch challenge, on top of our signature and monthly Kopi Chat events.

On the 5th July, we featured our resident start-up, Tokocrypto, a blockchain exchange company that focuses on providing consumers with an easy and simple, instant and secure platform to confidently make their transactions. Aside from striving to be the most secure platform for all consumers to transact their digital assets, Tokocrypto also aims to simultaneously educate the masses about the benefits of blockchain, and at the same time allow for the sharing of knowledge and technical expertise to champion new ideas in this industry. Our Blockchain meetup event hosted on the 5th July, was well received by a large audience, which goes to show how interesting the topic of blockchain might be and its potential application to any industry. 

On the 11th of July, BLOCK71 Yogyakarta collaborated with Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS to host an information session that introduced the Apple Developer Academy which focuses on IOS application development. Successful candidates will have the privilege to attend a 9-month program at the Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS, which aims to equip participants with new skills that will help them build careers in the technology industry. Check out their Instagram to find out more : @AppleDeveloperAcademyBinus.

Taking into consideration the fact that Yogyakarta is home to the best universities and the youngest, brightest minds in Indonesia, BLOCK71 Yogyakarta collaborated with web hosting company Qwords and hosted a free workshop on website creation on the 17th of July, with the aim to educate the younger generation and to spark and stimulate the spirit of technology, internet-savviness and entrepreneurship, and make the start-up ecosystem more vibrant with the help of web. In alignment to this, we also featured Kreature, a startup founded by some of our very own NUS Overseas College (NOC) students, who have received mentorship and guidance under Qwords previously, and it allowed for a more insightful and inspiring sharing of how having the knowledge of website creation can be beneficial to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

On the very same day, we were humbled to have been able to invite the CEOs and founders of Indmira, Qwords, Agradaya as well as the programme manager of NOC Southeast Asia to be a part of the panel of judges that assessed the pitching session by two of our NOC start-ups.  Both start-ups, Kreature and BR3W received invaluable feedback from the judges who advised them on what to do moving forward. 

On the 27th July, we featured our signature Kopi Chat Deep Dive Series, where we invited speakers from UGM, Communication and information DIY as well as Kotakita foundation to discuss about the effectiveness of smart city. 

Our monthly community gathering, held on the 31st July, was organised with an aim to encourage cross interaction between start-ups and foster better relationships within the BLOCK71 community. It was also a platform for BLOCK71 to update the residents on administrative things ranging from our own programmes to new residents joining our BLOCK71 community. 

Moving on in the first day of August, BLOCK71 will be having a founder’s circle meetup, inviting the founders of each start-up to join in a circle of discussion with the programme director of NUS enterprise, Mr Sazali Johari. Each month, we will have a start-up review where we will gauge the performance trajectory of a start-up and work hand in hand with them to help them discover the opportunities that may help them grow and expand their business. 

On the 2nd Aug, we will be featuring Tokocrypto again, but this time it will be under our signature Kopi Chat series and the speaker will be Pang Xue Kai, the CEO and Founder of Tokocrypto. We are expecting a very interesting and inspiring engagement as the topic of discussion for this upcoming Kopi Chat series will revolve around the story of how the company was founded: From identifying the problem, to choosing, and validating the market. Stay tuned for more updates!