Contest Against Time: Behind Bountie's First Tournament in Indonesia

November is over, but we still cannot move on from Jogja Startup Day 2019!

As one of the organisers of the biggest startup conference in Yogyakarta, we went through many things that were indeed unforgettable. One of those is that Bountie, one of the residents here in BLOCK71 Yogyakarta, held their first tournament at Jogja Startup Day 2019. As their partner and also one of the organiser, we experienced the thrill and the excitement alongside Bountie.

In our latest interview with Bountie for our Startup Feature (have you checked it? Click here and drop a heart so we know you do!), Romi, head of Bountie in Yogyakarta, reminisced at how restless they were that week. He stated that their team initially did not have a plan to hold an event in Jogja Startup Day 2019, and it was not until 4 days before the event that they started to make preparation. “I asked Reni, the community manager of BLOCK71 Yogyakarta, to help boost Bountie’s presence in Yogyakarta a few days before we knew about Jogja Startup Day,” said Romi. Fortunately, Jogja Startup Day was around the corner and it happened just like that!

Well, not really; the committee of Jogja Startup Day 2019 was very enthusiastic about the tournament when they heard it from us, but the problem was, it was due in 4 days and so, the preparation was done in a hurry. After the preparation, they started to be even more restless. He said, “What should we do? Isn’t it too rushed? Will there be any people joining it? Those are basically the questions we have in mind.”

As the tournament was Bountie’s first event in Indonesia, it was normal that they were worried that no one would show up or join the tournament, or other things that spelt catastrophe. Even the poster was done in hours, so it could be seen how rushed things were. As their partner, we also dreaded more or less the same things. So, what we did at that time was to maximize the publication of the event and let the rest took it own course.

Contrary to our worries, the participants exceeded our expectation. With over ten groups joining the tournament, Bountie successfully added new exciting segment to Jogja Startup Day, and hence established themselves as the first E-sports match platform in Yogyakarta.

Once again, we want to say congratulations to Bountie for going strong in their first tournament in Indonesia!

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