#DiRumahAjaTalks for Charity Recap and Donation Update

On 7-12 of May 2020, BLOCK71 Yogyakarta and Aliansi Komunitas Startup Yogyakarta had worked together to raise funds to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 through a week-long online session entitled #DiRumahAjaTalks Talk for Charity. Through this event, we would like to encourage our community to learn together, as well as foster a sense of empathy for others affected by the COVID-19 case more productively. The event aims to provide a platform where participants could gain knowledge and insight by raising awareness of our surroundings.

Within a week, there are 6 online class sessions on various topics, which includes:

On the first session is started by discussing the topic of content creation entitled “The Future of Creative Industry” featuring Rond Weasley, Youtuber, and Abraham Kevin, the Top 10 of Indonesian Idol 2018. The second day featured Ahmad Faiz Sahupala, Co-Founder and CEO of Eduka System, discussing the topic of education with a session titled “How Technology is Shaping The Future of Education”. Then on Saturday, the third topic is to discuss financial management, with a session titled “Start Investing in your 20’s”. On the next day, the session discussed the topic of entrepreneurship, entitled Managing your Startup through Crisis” featuring Achmad Zaky, Founder of Bukalapak and Init-6 as the speaker. On Monday, 11th of May, we discussed personal development with a session titled “The Importance of Self-Understanding” featuring the Co-Founder and Advisor of Pijar Psikologi, Reno Prasasto, as the speaker. And finally, on the last day, we discussed the topic of the creative industry with a session titled “The Future of Media” featuring Kamal Shahab, Founder of Urbanasia.com as the speaker.

During the whole session of #DiRumahAjaTalks for Charity have gathered 477 participants and gained donations totaling Rp 2.938.846, and 100% of the funds collected will be allocated to distributing essential needs for the lower-middle-class communities in Yogyakarta, through @bantutetangga, a platform initiated by Keluarga Alumni Mahasiswa FISIPOL UGM to help the low-income family in Yogyakarta affected by the stagnation of economy due to COVID-19. The live report on the distribution on the donation can be accessed through https://instagram.com/bantutetangga