Here are some tips and tricks to boost up your CV

In celebrating their sixth Excursion of Information System, students from Information System of Universitas Brawijaya visited BLOCK71 Yogyakarta on August 23, 2019. With the introduction by the representatives from BLOCK71 Yogyakarta, they finally know what and who is BLOCK71 as an ecosystem builders and global connecter. They also got the chance to see the working atmosphere in BLOCK71 Yogyakarta and met three of the residents; SocioTraveler, Goop, and Wonder through sharing session.

BLOCK71 is indeed a home of creative people who express their ideas through the help of technology. One of these people is SocioTraveler. The speaker encouraged the attendees that everything can be started from a hobby. Through the hobby as an avid traveler, the founder wanted to influence the customer that traveling should be impactful to the society. The team reside to BLOCK71 Yogyakarta because they believe they can expand their wings to international market, and they are able to always connect with the wanderlusts.

As they are still active students, we invited one of our residents, Goop. They were pleased to know that there is a platform to connect university through discussion, information, and community in one application.

Their visit was not merely a company visit. Our team from Wonder kindly shared the tips and tricks to boost up CV for fresh graduates or those who have not arranged any CV. There are three ways to make your CV noticeable:

  1. Start with the latest achievement.

Always start from the newest experiences/achievements and end up with the latest ones.

  1. Improve your English skills.

As long as your English is on Good level, keep going on! There is always time to improve your English.

  1. Put the strongest skills you have on the top.

Are you good at HTML, UI/UX, Time Management, or so on? Just write them down so the employees know a bit of what you can contribute to the company.