Meet the StartUp: BLOCK71 X EcoMatcher

Building Impact and Becoming a Partner of the United Nations! 

An Interview with Technical Director and Software Engineer of EcoMacther

In early April 2021, BLOCK71 had the opportunity to do an interview with one of the BLOCK71 Bandung community startups, EcoMatcher. We invite Alvin Junianto Lan as the Technical Director and Jovian Christianto as the Software Engineer to share their insightful stories in developing EcoMatcher. In this article, we will discuss EcoMatcher as a startup that raises environmental issues, Alvin and Jovian's journey into the world of startups, in developing EcoMatcher, and BLOCK71's involvement in EcoMatcher's journey. 

Interesting, right? 


Get to Know EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher is a B-Corp Certified Social Enterprise that serves a platform that allows companies to improve their businesses while helping to tackle the climate crisis in a clear, transparent, and accountable manner. EcoMatcher provides a digital platform for digitizing tree planting. With this technology the users can find out the data about their planted tree, such as its picture, location, owner, down to its development and impact. By using those datas, through EcoMatcher, companies can plant trees and utilize them in innovative ways, such as digital gifts that are used by their clients for various purposes, such as co, special occasions gifts, customer loyalty programs, or even adding them as an employee reward. EcoMatcher offers a business that allows companies to improve their businesses by doing sustainable business in order to make an impact not only on the economic aspect, but also on the natural aspect.


Meet Alvin and Jovian

Alvin and Jovian used to be campus friends at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Alvin started joining EcoMatcher as an intern for 3 months in EcoMatcher, Hong Kong. Alvin joined as a front-end developer at Hong Kong to help develop EcoMatcher, which was still in the early stage startup. After going through a 3-month internship, Alvin returned to Indonesia to continue his studies as well as a part time employee at EcoMacther. Until now, he became a Technical Director at EcoMatcher. Different story from Alvin, Jovian, who is Alvin's friend, joins EcoMatcher when Alvin was offered an offer to join EcoMatcher as a back-end Engineer. Then, until now, Jovian is a Software Engineer at EcoMatcher.


Sees opportunities in the global market

Joining an early stage startup was not easy. Uncertain business conditions and immature business prospects are often avoided by most people, but not Alvin and Jovian. Alvin and Jovian can see a great opportunity in the EcoMatcher idea. They see that ideas are new and interesting ideas. EcoMatcher also has an excellent opportunity to compete in the global market and can take opportunities in the global market. Alvin also added that EcoMacther is not only a business that has an impact on the economy, but can also help preserve the environment and have an impact on tree planters in several countries in the world.


Working at startup, you can learn everything

Many people say working at a startup is quite different from working in a company. That fact applies to Alvin and Jovian. Alvin thinks working as an engineer at a startup is just coding, but in reality he has to take care of many things. Likewise, Jovian, who has experience working in large companies, is aware of a different working environment. While working at startups, both of them not only do their main tasks as engineers, but also do design, content, business development, legality, finance, even editing videos. Working at a startup will allow you to learn many things. 


Community is one of the important thing to grow your startup

Meet a group of people who are interested in one thing in common is an important part of our life. This also applies to startups, meeting with some communities and people with the same interests can provide good knowledge and insights. EcoMatcher discovered BLOCK71 in 2018 and started working in the co-working space provided by BLOCK71 Bandung. Equipped with comfortable facilities and a supportive work environment, EcoMatcher decided to become a startup community in BLOCK71 Bandung. For Alvin and Jovian, BLOCK71 not only provides facilities, but also embraces its startup community by conducting community gatherings and events, connecting with other startups and investors, and other communities' activities.


Dream big, Execute!

Having big dreams is a good thing. But, doing nothing would make it a waste. The consistent execution in every business process will slowly make our dreams come true. EcoMatcher, is slowly developing from one country to another, has now officially become a partner of the United Nation for tree planting for the next 2 years starting from planting trees in Ecuador through one of the UN foundations. In the future, Alvin and Jovian hope that their business will continue to grow and be known all over the world, including Indonesia. Hopefully the ecomatcher growth business will develop, be known out there, and the impact that people feel from ecomatcher can be felt, and become an example of a tech startup that has a lot of impact.

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