An Interview with Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of IDCloudHost

In April 2021, BLOCK71 had the opportunity to do an interview with one of the BLOCK71 Indonesia event's participants, IDCloudHost. We invite Muhammad Mufid Luthfi as the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer to share his insightful journey in developing IDCloudHost. In this article, we will discuss the success journey behind IDCLoudHost, IDCloudHost as a startup and their impact on society, and BLOCK71's involvement in IDCloudHost's journey.

Interesting, right?


Get to Know IDCloudHost

IDCloudHost (PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia) is a provider of Cloud Provider with various choices of Data Center locations, services provided include domain registration, cloud hosting, servers (VPS & Dedicated Server), domain reseller & hosting, and others. Established in April 2015, IDCloudHost has a vision to become the largest, most comprehensive, and trusted Indonesian web provider company by bringing social values ​​to support the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Entering its 6th year, IDCloudHost currently has more than 100,000 customers and continues to grow.


Right Moment Make a Fast Acceleration

IDCloudHost started as a group of college students in 2015. Came from ideas and frequent conversations, finally a group of college-students created IDCloudHost. Unexpectedly, IDCloudHost's growth was growing very fast with growth reaching 6-8 times from the previous year. One of the factors that accelerate this business development is the moment. 2015 is the right moment for IDCloudHost, where in 2015 digital ecosystems such as startups, hackathons, and others are experiencing rapid growth. This moment is the right moment so that IDCloudHost is on the right path in its growth process. Starting in 2015, the need for digitization per year in Indonesia continues to increase, internet users continue to increase, and others. This is the basis for IDCloudHost to continue to innovate in digitization.What a surprise!


Be Consistent and Believe in the Process

In the first to third years, IDCloudHost is in the bootstrapping stage, where bootstrapping is a startup without external capital. At this stage, Mufid and friends are more focused on investing in income to turn over funds as an asset to run a business. From the turnover of these funds, the profits obtained will be bought by assets gradually. During the 3 years of implementing this strategy, Mufid and friends were able to have more than 5 Data Centers in several locations before any investment came in. Through this strategy, Mufid sees the high efficiency that IDCloudhHost can do.


From Just a Sharing Session at BLOCK71, Resulted in Getting the Investment

At the end of 2019, Mufid and friends attended a sharing session held by BLOCK71 Bandung. From the sharing session with Achmad Zaky, IDCloudHost received funding from Achmad Zaky. IDCloudHost was not looking for investment at all for its business development, Mufid and his friends only had the intention to tell about their experiences. At the beginning, Mufid did not have much expectations, but only intended to study  and learn with Achmad Zaky. From this event, IDCloudHost received a followup from Achmad Zaky until Achmad Zaky became one of IDCloudHost investors. Not only investing, Ahmad Zaky also indirectly became a mentor for Mufid and friends. Ahmad Zaky also introduced IDCloudHost to his network so that IDCloudHost gets more referrals, and the result is beyond expectation!


Expectations and Reality

Mufid was not so surprised by the startup environment because during his university years Mufid had started developing startups. With his various experiences and businesses, Mufid has undergone various jobs such as marketing, business development, UI / UX, etc. At the beginning of development, many things were done by one person because of the small number of tablespoons, but from there Mufid could learn many things. Thankfully, currently IDCloudHost has been developing very well.


Not only Focusing on Profit, Making Social Impact is a Must! 

One thing that makes Mufid happy and stays still until now at IDCloudHost is IDCloudHost help and invests in the social sector. Investments made around 15-20% of income are allocated to social programs such as free food, make facilities in mosques, cooperation with SMEs and NGOs, and providing scholarships to study at Telkom Univesity. As of 2020 there are around 1500 schools assisted by IDCloudHost, 200 NGOs, and many more. These social programs are one of the contributions that have an impact on society. Besides the business opportunity, startups should look for the opportunity to help the society and solve social problems.


Give Your Best Effort

When developing IDCLoudHost, Mufid and friends did not have much expectation of getting investors. IDCloudHost's main focus at that time was to develop and build IDCloudHost to provide maximum benefits and increase the offers provided. Most importantly, keep building the quality of the startup. Take advantage of the opportunities that come while improving the quality of the company. Focus on developing startups for pursuing investors. IDCloudHost rarely comes to investors to ask for money, but it is investors who present proposals to invite cooperation. Give the best to do, slowly partners will come. Focus focus focus!


Dream Big

Mufid hopes that IDCloudHost can expand and expand its market, from Indonesia to Asia. Currently, IDCloudHost is also developing products that help digitize startups and MSMEs with affordable prices and easy-to-perform services. IDCloudHost plans to expand, expand payment systems such as local banks, instant payments, e-money, etc. to make it easier for IDCloudHost customers. IDCloudHost continues to provide a server platform that is easy to use at affordable prices, where prices are affordable but are committed to providing the best and up to date technology. 


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