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In May 2021, BLOCK71 had the opportunity to do an interview with one of the BLOCK71 Indonesia community startup, We invite Muhammad Ilham as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer to share his insightful journey in developing Waktukita. In this article, we will discuss the success journey behind Waktukita,  as a  HR startup and their impact on society, and BLOCK71's involvement in Waktukita  journey.

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Get to Know Waktukita is an HR and Education platform focusing on youth empowerment through skill development and career acceleration. Established in 2018, Waktukita helps college students and graduates build their career from zero experience to landing their dream job. They have a mission to close the gap between youth unemployment and entry-level jobs in the technology industry. Along with its development, Waktukita has a sub-product called Assessed which provides IT tech talent head hunting and outsourcing services.

As an education platform as well as a partner in change and improvement for students, institutions, and companies in a massive digital changing environment. The mission is to help young generation to be productive and improve their skill and knowledge through platform to enable the youth and companies, leveraging innovative technologies and services


Creating Sustainable Enterprise While Helping Others is trying to solve youth problems in getting a job starting when they study in college and after graduation. helps them build their careers by providing job vacancies and developing their skills through a program that is designed to help them to fit the criteria of a professional and make it easier to get hired by the company.

Waktukita can provide many class products at affordable prices with the same quality as leading competitors in Indonesia. Waktukita is not just a class, but a place to learn about upcoming industry trends in the future. Waktukita can also be a place for educational institutions to sell their products.


The Journey of Waktukita

At the beginning of the time journey we provide information about various opportunities and information about job acceleration in waktumagang, waktuparuh, and waktupenuh. Then, seeing the urgency and considerable demand, Ilham created and focused on Waktukita - Edu Class. In terms of funding, initial funding starts from collecting money from the competition to develop the platform, until finally Ilham and friends get an award from the Ministry of Research and Technology in the form of a grant which is used as initial capital for our time. What a smart way!


Expectations and Realities Working at Startup

Working at a startup is not Ilham's goal, but starting from a competition and internship in the startup industry, he was interested in the startup industry in Indonesia. The expectation of going  into the world of startups, Ilham expected that he could build a startup quickly and get an investment of less than 3 years. However, it turned out that with minimal experience he felt he was lacking in managing people and managing the team. In building a startup, he also needs to learn from the seniors. There are many things that need to be learned again as a leader of the team. There are many things that are beyond expectations but must be pursued in order to match expectations, especially for leadership skills. As a leader, Ilham must build  his skills as quickly as possible.


Benefit to join BLOCK71

Since beginning, Ilham has been part of BLOCK71 Yogyakarta and sees the ecosystem from the inside. Ilham can see the reputation of BLOCK71 which comes from Singapore and entered Yogyakarta, Ilham can see it's a good chance to join the biggest tech ecosystem. After joining, he also felt that he had benefited from BLOCK71. The programs that BLOCK71 offers are very attractive to Ilham. BLOCK71 is also felt to be very cooperative and responsive to collaborating by creating collaboration events, at home talks, time talks, and so on. 


Being Partner with NUS GRIP

BLOCK71 Yogyakarta  as Waktukita connector to make a collaboration with NUS. Waktukita become an official vendor of NUS by becoming an official partner of the NUS GRIP (Graduate Research Innovation Program). NUS GRIP is the Industry Liaison Office's flagship innovation program. The program will provide step-by-step guidance to NUS Postgraduate students and researchers to cultivate deep tech entrepreneurs to transform the university's world-class research into their own deep technology start-ups. Starting from 2019, one of the NUS venture managers came to Yogyakaarta to find one of its startups to mandate candidates in Yogyakarta. With the help of the BLOCK71 Yogyakarta team named Reni, the venture manager was introduced to Waktukita and within 3 days were able to collaborate because of the satisfaction of the service and delivery provided. From this collaboration, many startups from Singapore have reached out to Waktukita to find talents and other services.



Being a founder must believe in the product, believe that you can be successful in time. You must always look for opportunities to be able to revive your business. Not only from the innovation side, but also from the business side. Be proud of your product, but don't forget to make a business of it. - Muhammad Ilham, CEO of


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