Recap of Event - Kopi Chat X Ngobras - Talent Solution For Startup

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Kopi Chat X Ngobrol Bareng Startup (NGOBRAS) IBISMA UII

Talent Solutions for Startup


On Friday, 19 June 2020, BLOCK71 is partnering with IBISMA UII to conduct Kopi Chat x NGOBRAS, we discuss the founder’s entrepreneurship journey in creating talent solutions for a startup, and the importance of it. Talent Solution has been successfully redefining the whole recruitment process for a company and LinkedIn Talent Solutions has pioneered this movement by providing an easy to use products for recruiters and leveraging its connections database, and it has been continuously growing ever since. The event is co-organized by BLOCK71 Yogyakarata and IBISMA UII, with 255 total participant.


About Pijarcareer and

Pijarcareer is a startup that bridges vocational schools to recruiters. The idea comes in 2017 when he reads that the unemployment rate for vocational school students is among the highest in our country. Bayu felt like it was his calling to solve this problem because he is also an alumnus of vocational school. On the other hand, focuses on skill development and career builder for college students and graduates around the topic of tech and education. Dhimas points out although the overall unemployment rate in Indonesia is decreasing when in reality, the rate is increasing for university graduates.


Using Talent Solutions for Recruitment

Dhimas said that it's a service that saves a lot of time and can simplify the process. Waktukita’s service can help HR departments in companies save up to 2 weeks to recruit. Bayu said that the process should benefit both employers and talent. Startups that have a database can be used by employers and saves them more money. Talents can utilize it to develop themselves and to have a look at other portfolios, basically like ‘social media’ for talents. He also added that for fresh graduates, working at a startup can kickstart your career to apply to bigger companies. 


Upscaling a Startup

When being asked about how to upscale a startup that has been built effectively and efficiently, being consistent with your vision is the key to building a startup, according to Bayu. He also added that you have to start first, then you will know the problems that may arise, and further, not giving up. Dhimas also agreed and added that nowadays, the ongoing trend in the industry is to collaborate. Internally, a business should develop a lot of plans that could also help. Further, he advised startup founders to meet as many people as possible. Go to events and enter competitions to promote your startup to have a lot of connections. 


Words of Advice to Build a Startup

Lastly, they have several words of advice to anyone who wants to start building a startup. Bayu advised that having an idea comes first. You have to start with a strong team, and then you will have the outcome from the idea. When you start to develop them, you need to market it to the right target, then you will receive a buyer. Dhimas agrees, then adds that you have to choose the right. You should differentiate between friendship and business, and they have to share the same vision as you.