Startup Events

If you are interested in some of the hottest and buzzing entrepreneurial events around town, you’ve come to the right place.

BLOCK71 Yogyakarta​ hosts one of the most exciting consolidation of startup events & activities in Yogyakarta. From Kopi Chats to developer meetups to workshops to Office Hours to pitching events to networking sessions, there is something for everyone! So whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, student or just someone who is curious about the start-up scene in Yogyakarta​, check our upcoming events below and remember to “chope” your seat early!

Want to hold an event at BLOCK71 Yogyakarta​? Apply at the following link. Do send in your applications at least 3 weeks early to facilitate processing, and note that we only supports events that are entrepreneurial-related and beneficial to the start-up community.